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Improve Fuel Efficiency With Straight Truck Safety Training
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Courses to Provide During Driver Orientation
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The 'Don't Delay, Start Today' One-Year Training Plan
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How well do you know winter driving safety? Try our multiple-choice winter driving safety quiz to test your knowledge and pick up useful safety stats you can share with drivers. Answer all ten questions and receive a free bonus download.

Try Our Winter Driving Safety Quiz

Test Your winter safety Knowledge

True or false: Friday is the most common day for collisions in winter?

In winter, it’s a good idea to never let the fuel tank drop below _____%?

Think you know the answers? Try our ten question, multiple-choice winter driving safety quiz to see if you’re right. Or, challenge the fleet safety expert on your team.

The quiz is also a great source of winter driving tips and safety stats you can share with your drivers. If you use one question per week, that’s more than two months worth of winter safety messages. 

Want more turnkey safety tools? ITI offers online driver safety training that’s convenient for fleet managers and drivers.

  • Create a custom training plan, or ask an ITI client services rep to set one up
  • Assign lessons in just a few clicks
  • Drivers complete their training on a computer or mobile device anywhere they have an internet connection. 
  • Most lessons are 15 minutes or less

Do your drivers know how to stay safe on slippery streets?

If your fleet spends more than it would like on incidents and injuries, ITI has the training and experience to help your fleet achieve its safety goals. ITI is the trusted training partner of leading fleets including: FedEx partners, Frito Lay, Pilot Flying J, Ryder Leasing, Shaw Flooring, and The Dairy Farmers of America. 

Learn more about our training options:

ClearDrive™ training for van and box-truck fleets

PRO-TREAD® training for CDL fleets

We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Connect with a driver safety training expert at ITI. Call us at 360-576-5976 (choose option 4), send us an email (, or request an online demo.

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