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Our winter driving safety quiz generated some unexpected results. The 10-question, multiple-choice quiz, had two (surprisingly) tough questions, and another that was very divisive. 

Can you correctly answer our three toughest questions about winter driving safety? Try the quiz, or read on for a sneak preview of the most challenging questions.


Winter Driving Safety Quiz Results

NOTE: our winter safety quiz is not part of PRO-TREAD® or ClearDrive™, is not mastery-based, and will not be recorded in your LMS as part of any permanent training record. Okay, now that we have our official disclaimer out of the way, here’s the question more than 83 percent of quiz takers got wrong:

On what day of the week are drivers most likely to have a deadly collision?

  • Thursday 
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Take the quiz to view the correct answer.


Here’s a question more than 60 percent of respondents missed:
When driving on snowy or icy roads, it can take up to _______times longer to stop? 

  • 3 times longer
  • 5 times longer
  • 10 times longer
  • 20 times longer


Lastly, here’s a question that received very divided responses:
When driving on a wet road, your drivers should

  • Reduce speed by 10 percent
  • Reduce speed by 25 percent
  • Reduce speed by 30 percent

Forty-three percent of quiz takers answered correctly, while 32 percent of respondents chose one wrong answer, and 25 percent chose the other wrong answer.  


Watch the video to preview a few more of the quiz questions. Or, just go try the darn quiz. Haven’t we piqued your curiosity yet?




Mastery-based online driver safety training from ITI is proven to reduce collisions and injuries, and it's convenient for both fleet managers and drivers. Pick and choose from more than 150 lessons and assign training in just a few clicks. Or simply ask our Client Services team to enroll drivers in the courses from our winter safety training plan

  • Drivers complete their assignments on a computer or mobile device anywhere they have internet.
  • Most lessons are 15 minutes or less.
  • Lesson completion is automatically documented, so you can prove drivers took and understood the training.

ITI is the trusted training partner of leading fleets including: FedEx partners, Frito Lay, Pilot Flying J, Ryder Leasing, Shaw Flooring, and The Dairy Farmers of America. Our online driver training options include:

ClearDrive™ training for van and box-truck fleets

PRO-TREAD® training for CDL fleets

Let us show you how easy it is for your fleet to achieve its safety goals. Connect with a training consultant online or by phone (360-576-5976, option 4). They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and set up a free online demo.

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