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Wintertime is one of the busiest and most stressful times for medium-duty truck drivers. Bad weather brings a trifecta of trouble. Drivers have to:

  1. Maintain control of their truck in parking lots and on slippery roads
  2. Anticipate the unpredictable actions of panicky drivers
  3. Take extra precautions to avoid injury every time they step outside their vehicle

Are your drivers prepared to handle the most common winter hazards? Follow these three tips to help them safely navigate winter weather:

Winter Driving Safety Tips for Box Truck Drivers

Tip #1 - Safety starts with a thorough pre-trip inspection. Download our free winter pre-trip checklist to ensure your drivers don’t overlook the most common causes of winter weather breakdowns and DOT violations.

Tip #2 - Know how to handle the most common problems. Make sure drivers know how to install tire chains, brake and turn on slippery roads, how to handle a skid, and deal with other common hazards.

Tip #3 - Avoid out of vehicle injuries. The most common hazard for drivers — especially delivery drivers — is slip and fall injuries. Many people don’t realize out-of-vehicle injuries are much more common than collisions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Slip and fall injuries are the #2 reason drivers miss work
  • The average cost of a slip, trip, or fall injury is $40,000 per incident
  • 22 percent of slip/fall incidents result in more than a month away from work


Download a shareable Winter Danger Zones poster

delivery driver safety poster

Get the Winter Danger Zones poster


box truck driving in snow medium duty truck winter driving tips

Online Safety Training for Delivery Drivers

You wouldn’t send drivers out in the snow without chains and other safety equipment, right? The same logic applies to winter safety incident prevention.

When drivers are mentally prepared to deal with winter hazards, it lowers their stress level and improves their ability to handle common problems. Give drivers the tools and knowledge they need to avoid expensive winter incidents. ClearDrive™ online driver training is the most cost-effective, convenient way to prepare your team for winter driving. 

ITI's 28-minute online course on Winter Driving Safety for Medium-Duty Trucks is packed with expert tips and covers essential safety topics including:

  1. Winter weather trip planning
  2. Personal survival gear
  3. Winter pre-trip vehicle inspection
  4. How to start a cold engine
  5. Driving a medium-duty truck on snow and ice
  6. Dealing with reduced visibility and poor traction
  7. Handling black ice and skids
  8. How to brake and turn on slippery roads
  9. Cold weather parking
  10. Engine issues and fuel
  11. Using tire chains


ClearDrive is the most convenient way to get the best training to the most drivers. Our online training is trusted by leading fleets including: Frito Lay, Ryder Leasing, Shaw Floors, Ashley Homestore, and the Dairy Farmers of America. You can pick and choose from more than 70 training videos and easily customize any course to meet the specific needs of their fleet. Need training for your mixed fleet with heavy duty trucks? Our PRO-TREAD training program combines all vehicle types. 

Learn more about online safety training for delivery drivers and commercial fleets. Or, schedule a free demo with our client service team. Have questions? Contact a training consultant online or by phone (360-576-5976 option 4).

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